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My Story

I was born and raised in Massachusetts. My mother was born in the Dominican Republic and my father was born in Cape Verde. As a first generation child of immigrant parents, I saw first hand how hard my parents worked to provide for my brother and I. My parents have been entrepreneurs for as long as I can remember and in 2007, my parents opened a small beauty salon specializing in eyebrow threading. I saw first hand how tirelessly they worked to build a business offering what then was an unfamiliar service. To date, they have created an incredibly successful business and I give them so much credit & appreciation for teaching me some very valuable life lessons. While working with my family and our business, we have been able to provide mostly women immigrants opportunities to succeed. I have seen confidence build, interpersonal skills sharpen, and the financial freedom they've been able to attain.

Seeing women, especially of color, succeed has really inspired me. 


Wanting to empower women in my own way. I found myself constantly wondering how I could do that and in a way that felt authentic to me. This to say the least, did NOT happen over night. As time went by, I was at a point in life where personally I was facing some challenges. I knew without a doubt, that something in my life had to change. I so badly wanted to discover my purpose and truly live the life I was destined to. One day, someone suggested to me that I start meditating. At first I started with short guided meditations. I had no idea what I was doing, or if I was doing it right, but I kept at it. This was the beginning of my Spiritual Journey (the one I was aware of), and once I began, I was incredibly intrigued. I wanted to know EVERYTHING about this new spiritual world.

As I deepened my spiritual awareness, I realized how impactful the Mind, Body, Soul connection is. I started working on my physical health, continued mediating and also found a therapist. In her spiritual practice, she used various healing modalities and Reiki was one of them. As I began exploring this new territory, my life slowly began to transform. I noticed so many amazing benefits to my spiritual growth. The biggest impact being, the opportunity to discover my purpose. 

This journey, that never ends, has taught me so much. It has not been easy at times, but certainly rewarding. 

I fuel my practice with so much love and passion because I want to help my clients discover the power they already possess within. My story reminds me every day of how far I have come, and how I know I can help others do the same.

I am deeply grateful to work with clients who are eager and ready to develop spiritually.

~ Christina

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